PureAdvance - a new data delivery tool

Get live access to a database full of HCPs!

PureAdvance is a data system built around HCP data.

We’ve combined the accuracy of our HCP/HCO Master Data with a delivery tool called PureAdvance.

PureAdvance is a sophisticated software tool that gives you live access to our entire database and has all the functionalities you typically need when working with data sets.

And the BEST part? Other than the system, you only pay for the data you actually use – and it can be implemented in ONLY 21 days!

What you can use PureAdvance for?

PureAdvance is customizable, flexible, easy to use and can be used either as a replacement for a light CRM or as a separate marketing operational tool to connect to your current suite of omnichannel solutions with separated data sets.

PureAdvance doesn’t require any extensive IT installations. It is a Plug and Play solution where you get data, reports and all pharma functionalities from day one.

With PureAdvance you can synchronize your way to more insights.

PureAdvance functionalities:

Live access to our Master Data

Local search function

Filter your data to find the segment you want

Global search & cherry pick

When searching the database, you can get instant access to a full database of HCPs and HCOs. If you find someone relevant, you can Cherry Pick them and add to your active segment.

Data change requests

Our database is maintained by our local data managers, who also handle your data change requests (DCRs) that you can submit through PureAdvance.

Import/export and synchronization

You can easily import and export data to and from PureAdvance and into your other systems.

GDPR management

Keep track of GDPR notified HCPs in PureAdvance

Consent management

Keep track of any given consents (e.g. E-mail) or note if a HCP doesn’t want to be contacted.

Activity planning and registration

With a standard set of activity types, you’ll be able to plan your workflow and attach relevant HCPs and clinics to your calendar.

Reports & dashboards

All that data and all those activities can be analysed by extracting a report.

System integration

Use it for CRM or Marketing

PureAdvance can be used either as a replacement for a light CRM or as a separate marketing operational tool.


PureAdvance is a SaaS system that contains a full database of HCPs and HCOs. The system is easily used and has CRM features like activity registration, ABC categorizing, ability to extract reports, plan future tasks.


Streamline your marketing data in PureAdvance to get the full 360 degree view of your data. Read more about the Marketing focused functionalities below.

More Data & Joint Enrichment

We have a solid foundation of HCP data – but sometimes you need more data to narrow your target group further. This can be done with More Data & Joint Enrichment, done for example by call campaigns or market research.
More Data is the cherry on top of your normal database. This is data that is hard to come by – but not impossible. We can help gather this data, and showcase it together with the rest of your data universe inside of PureAdvance.

Who PureAdvance can help

We’ve gathered some stories from different perspectives on how PureAdvance can make life easier


Marketing Manager

Why streamlining your multichannel data will get you better results​.

Anna works as a “Marketing Manager”, “Brand Manager” or “Digital Manager” at a big pharma company in Sweden, with responsibility for the Nordic and Baltic region…

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Sales Rep

How you can gain access to HCPs outside your segment​.

Frederik is a sales rep at a medium sized pharma company in Denmark. He travels the country and visits HCPs, and has all of his work on his laptop. He has his assigned contacts in the existing CRM but always ends up extracting Excel lists to work in…

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Regional Sales Manager

How to get the full overview as a Sales Manager​.

Patrick works as a Regional Sales Manager at a midsized pharma company in Sweden.
He has been struggling with budget cuts and “cost-efficiency” but hasn’t seen the results he was expecting…

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