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How you can gain access to HCPs outside your segment

Frederik is a sales rep at a medium sized pharma company in Denmark. He travels the country and visits HCPs, and has all of his work on his laptop. He has his assigned contacts in the existing CRM but always ends up extracting Excel lists to work in.

The current CRM system isn’t intuitive and too complex that he can’t be bothered learnining it. The data that he does extract isn’t always up-to-date and segmented enough for his liking.

Enter PureAdvance. PureAdvance is a new elegant software tool, which can work as a replacement to large, fancy, CRM systems – but easy to use – limiting the need for long drawn training sessions. It has all the aPureBase master data incorporated which you get live access to by a simple online log-in – it’s easy, intuitive and is the ideal tool for any sales rep out on the road (or in online meetings!)

With PureAdvance, Frederik can easily see all the contacts and activities he has planned. Each activity is labeled as a certain call type; giving him easy overview of what he’s working on. With PureAdvance, his data segment is smaller than before, but with the Cherry Pick function he can still see all the HCPs in the aPureBase database – and cherry pick anyone out of his segment into his active database. This means that his existing segment is more targeted, but he still has the full overview and ability to add single records if needed.

When he has a data change request for the aPureBase Data Team, he can easily find the correct HCP and send his update request, rather than accidentally creating a duplicate. If the record doesn’t exist, he can be sure that the Data Team will verify any information he sends them.

aPureBase can help map the HCPs’ channel preferences – so Frederik can see at what time a specific HCP wants him to call at – and if it should be a normal call, a video call and what platform should be used. With PureAdvance, Frederik can easily get an overview of his activities and see how far he is progressing with his goals. It is an easy, intuitive way of ensuring goals can be met. The best part? The system automatically uploads his activity data – so he doesn’t have to upload anything manually.

PureAdvance can be implemented within 21 days – it’s easy to use, you have access to all our data and can cherry pick anything outside of your existing segment. Targeting, activity planning and prospecting has never been easier.

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