With PureAdvance, you’ll have a powerful sales tool at your hands.

Key Features

  • Sales Performance Reports 
  • GDPR and E-consent Management
  • Activity Planning
  • Cherry Picking (Choose extra records outside your segment)

PureAdvance is a powerful sales tool

The system is simple and easy to understand with CRM features like activity registration, ABC categorizing, ability to extract reports, planning future tasks.

Together, we create an active segment in your database – but you can still view the rest of our data universe, and cherry pick anyone outside of your segment.

PureAdvance does not require any extensive IT installations. It is a plug and play system. We work together with you to customize the system to your liking, and after that you will simply get a log-in to be up and running. All you need is a device and an internet connection.

All in all, PureAdvance is a strong asset for your sales team and will help increase sales results, create usable reports for a great overview and be a well-integrated tool for your team – in a cost effective way.

CRM Functionalities:


We deliver data through a network of data partners and have our own Data Team caring for the data in the Nordics and Benelux regions.

We care for data – and ensure that our data is correct, up to date and validated.

We can now showcase our data in the way that it was meant to!

Activity planning and registration

PureAdvance will be able to help you plan your week easily. With a standard set of activity types,  you will be able to reflect your workflow and attach relevant HCPs and clinics to your calendar.

The activity types (visit, call, digital meeting) can be used to extract detailed reports. 

Drag and drop new activities from your targeted HCPs in a quick and intuitive way of using the calendar. An activity can be attached to one or several HCPs, even if the HCPs work in different places. Perfect for conferences, group meetings .


Targeting is key for being successful in using HCP data.

PureAdvance lets you categorize your database the way you like it – ensuring that each person working with the system knows exactly who is relevant.

We also allow cross-targeting: you can create products that are connected to individual targeting codes, so that an HCP can be an A target on one product, but a C target on another.

Mailing lists

PureAdvance is a great tool for extracting mailing lists. The mailing lists are generated into a specific mailing Excel template, ensuring that your addresses are correct.

Once you have sent your mailing, you can easily register activities on the HCPs – so you have an overview next time you are sending something out. 

We also help with deploying your mailings to lessen your workload.

GDPR & Consent Management

Mark your data subjects as GDPR notified and register the E-consents given for your HCPs.

You can register all your HCPs different consents, so you easily can keep track of your GDPR compliance and consent process.

We can also assist you with notifying your data subjects.


Get usable reports for your needs.

Extract reports for performance management, set sales KPIs to optimise interactions with HCPs, analyse and optimise efficiently to improve your performance.

The system comes with some default reports to choose between, and we will add more features regularly.

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