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aPureBase is a global scale pharma data provider

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aPureBase deliver data on healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations to facilitate the dialogue between these and the pharmaceutical industry.
PureAdvance is our data delivery tool which can be used as a stand-alone CRM system, an add-on to your existing systems as a marketing tool or as a data visualization and management tool. 
PureAdvance is built around HCP data and gives you live access to our entire database and has all the functionalities you need when working with datasets. 
The best part is that you only pay for the data you use – and it can be implemented in just 21 days!
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We take great pride in our high customer service, flexibility, data quality and speed in data implementation

Unmatched functinalities

PureAdvance can help you with e-mail permission management, sales and marketing activities, data visualization, targeting and segmentation tasks, compliance management and much more.


We can tailormade PureAdvance to fit your needs. You can build the best database for your therapeutic area by creating custom fields tailored to your specific needs to collect more data.

No extra

You do not need to make further investments in software when using PureAdvance. Our tool can connect to your current suite of omnichannel solutions with separated data sets. We deliver superior service at low costs where you only pay for the data you need.


We always cater for our clients needs and we take great pride in having a high customer service. We are willing to listen and adapt to the demand and provide a good and flexible customer experience where you are quaranteed to be treated equally.

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