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Why streamlining your multichannel data will get you better results

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Anna works as a “Marketing Manager”, “Brand Manager” or “Digital Manager” at a big pharma company in Sweden, with responsibility for the Nordic and Baltic region. She is responsible for a couple of different products within the respiratory segment and works together with a small sales force covering the Nordic countries.

She has grand plans for her brands, but there seems to be something getting lost in translation between her and the sales reps.

She works both with events, direct mails and online marketing but can’t seem to measure the results properly. Her data is spread out through at least three different systems:

• The event system – handling event logistics
• The e-mail system – used for newsletter
• The CRM system holding rep activities and personally handed invitations

PureAdvance is a new elegant software tool that gives you live access into the aPureBase master database holding all Health Care Professionals (HCPs) in Nordic, Baltic, Benelux and DACH region. It can be used as an additional marketing tool to any existing CRM – and giving you the option to synchronize all your existing databases in one single location.

When Anna uses PureAdvance, she can synchronize the data from all her different system – giving her the full 360 view of the HCP and get a good overview of the user journey each HCP would take.

For example: she can smoothly extract her e-mail list from the same data pool she used for her direct mail campaign, use it in her preferred e-mail marketing tool, and then simply import it back into PureAdvance with all the extra data her e-mail marketing tool provided her with.

She now has the full overview of her marketing activities, both events, physical and online – and knows exactly what contacts need a little extra love during the next campaign. The extra market insights will make her next campaign even better and she can adapt her messaging to what the HCP actually wants to hear. With the ability to add custom fields, Anna is also able to gather even more useful data for her target groups.

With the ability to cross-reference the PureAdvance database Anna can also increase the data accuracy of her existing data, increasing her target hit rate.

When Anna uses the PureAdvance system, she can easily showcase her own marketing efforts to the sales team – and she can track the behavior of their target group; how far has the HCP gotten in their likelihood of prescribing their products? Which HCP needs a bit more persuasion to understand why their products are the best on the market? She can share these insights with the sales team, ensuring that all their efforts are directed the same place.

PureAdvance can be implemented within 21 days – it’s easy to use, you have access to all our data and can cherry pick anything outside of your existing segment. Reporting, campaign planning and getting market insights has never been easier.

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