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More Data

Are you taking a shot in the dark?

Shine some light on your masterdata with More Data

You only know what you know

We deliver masterdata on HCPs and HCOs. This is the foundation for your targeting and segmentation work - but is it enough?

Not always. Sometimes, no matter how high quality data you get delivered, you simply can't get the target group small enough.

This is an issue that many face - but don't fret. We can help.

The solution? More data

More Data is anything that can be used on top of your masterdata (which is the standard data we deliver).

Also: we can help even if you're getting data from elsewhere.

More Data could for instance be results from a call campaign. We can help collecting the information you need!

What do you want to know?

How many dentist chairs are there in a dental clinic?

What treatment preferences do GPs in a certain area have?

What equipment do certain clinics have?

With the collected information, you can narrow your target group down further, saving time and effort for you and your team.

Showcasing the results

As an add-on, the call campaign results can be imported into our data delivery system PureAdvance - ensuring that the results are connected to your masterdata - not getting lost in a folder on your computer.

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