an aPureBase Data System

Global search and Cherry Pick:

GDPR requires data minimization: meaning that you should only store data that you are actively using.

This can make it hard to expand your segment, as you don’t know what HCPs outside your minimized selection are relevant.

PureAdvance solves this with our Global Search and Cherry Pick functionality. When searching the database, you can simply click Global Search and get instant access to a full database of HCPs and HCOs. If you find someone relevant, you choose to Cherry Pick them and add to your active segment.

Typically, the Cherry Pick function is set so that you can choose up to 100 records outside of your active segment – but you can always add more if you end up loving it so much that 100 isn’t enough.

Custom fields:

On top of our masterdata, you can add your own Custom Fields – essentially adding any data you’d like. This could be data you already have in an existing system that needs to be transferred, or we can work together for joint enrichment to add another dimension to your database.

This could for instance be doing market research (based on your needs), that can be added into the system. A general example could be amount of hospital beds in a department, or dental chairs in a dental clinic.

Working together, there is no limit to the value we can add in PureAdvance.


Our Import/Export functionality goes hand-in-hand with Custom Fields. By using this functionality, you can easily import and export data to and from PureAdvance and into your other systems.

If you have added any additional data elsewhere, you can import it back into PureAdvance to ensure you have all your data gathered in one place.

Using PureAdvance to collect information from other systems will help you get the full 360 degree view of your data – so you don’t lose valuable details.

The Import/Export functionality comes with some standard templates. We’re continuously developing new ways of using this function.

Activity planning and registration:

When using PureAdvance as a CRM system, you’ll be able to plan your week easily. With a standard set of activity types, you’ll be able to reflect your workflow – and attach relevant HCPs and clinics to your calendar.

Drag and drop new activities from your targeted HCPs in a quick and intuitive way of using the calendar.

An activity can be attached to one or several HCPs, even if the HCPs work in different places. Perfect for conferences, group meetings or the like.

The activity types (for instance visit, call, digital meeting) can be used to extract detailed reports.

ABC Categorizing:

Targeting is key for being successful in using HCP data. PureAdvance lets you categorize your database the way you like it – ensuring that each person working with the system knows exactly who is relevant.

We also allow cross-targeting: You can create products that are connected to individual targeting codes, so that an HCP can be an A target on one product, but a C target on another.

Static & Dynamic lists:

A static list doesn't change unless you actively change it. A dynamic list is alive and changes with the flow of the data, based on criteria you set yourself.

Both can be used to optimize your targeting work and ensuring you get the most out of your HCP data.

Mailing lists:

PureAdvance is a great tool for extracting mailing lists (similar to static lists). The mailing lists are generated into a specific mailing Excel template, ensuring that your addresses are correct.

Once you’ve sent your mailing, you can easily register activities on the HCPs – so that you have the full overview the next time you’re sending something out. The list you used can be saved for future use and you can always add or remove HCPs.

Ps. We can also help with deploying your mailings - lessening your workload.


All that data and all those activities can be analysed by extracting a report. This could be based on activity types or your own KPIs.

The system comes with some default reports to choose between, and we’ll add more features regularly.

Data Change Requests:

We care for data! Our database is updated by local Data Managers, who you can send your Data Change Requests (DCRs) to through the system. This could be if you’ve recently met an HCP that has changed workplace or name, and the change hasn’t been updated in the system yet.

Your change will be double-checked and validated and then updated if everything is correct.

You’ll get a notification in the system when your DCR is completed, and can always follow your and your co-workers current DCRs on the DCR page.

GDPR Notification:

GDPR specifies that you need to notify any data subjects that you store information on.

We can help with this process – both with your chosen segment, but also by automatically notifying subjects when you have Cherry Picked them into your database.

You can easily keep track of the GDPR notified HCPs in PureAdvance – so you know how far along your compliance process you are.